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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Aaron Nazrul & the Boom Booms

This is, hands down the album of the year for me. Better yet, this band hails from my neighbouring city, Vancouver, Canada and despite their gaining Worldwide popularity, still happily plays to local crowds on a regular basis.
This is the artist I go to when I want to be inspired, blast the tunes, and sing at the top of my lungs.

An excerpt from their website:
    "Aaron Ross is the bird on the branch in the tree of life and perches all day and all night unless you play some funky jams and then he’ll flap down and flap around the dance floor, and maybe even sing. He’s East Vancouver born and raised, and has hoofed it all over the globe, with no qualms about doing it again and again. Aaron plays the nylon strings with grace but more noteably has a powerful and emotive voice, one that carries the band’s songs out of the “pretty good” range and into the ”spicy, saucy, smooth, singable soulful salad of a song” range instead. Aaron’s solo debut, “Butterfly Man”, was written over the years of planet travel and released on Lit Fuse Record."

Some of my personal favorites, from the cd "Butterfly Man" are:
    Mandarin Oranges
    Tired of Waiting
    Standin' on the Bridge
    As the Sun Goes Down

Give Aaron Nazrul and the Booms a listen, and let me know if you think it is musical/ lyrical genius (like I do!)
Let music inspire you...



Burning Moon said...

This band sounds worth looking into thank you for sharing them with us =] Music is a gift of the gods

Tessa said...

I agree, thanks for sharing their music with us! :)

Beyond the RockZ said...

Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

I really like him too! Thanks for introducing others to him!

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