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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Travel back in time

The photos are in, and I have to say I am completely blown away! Nicole from Ellijay, Georgia of Nicole Engle photography has captured the essence of Three Little birds Boutique clothing perfectly with this Travel back in Time photo shoot.
The setting with the old farmhouse, car, clothesline, antique dresser, and vintage toys all create beautiful backdrops and props to complete the old fashioned feel. The aged photo techniques are amazing, and I just cannot get enough of all of these gorgeous little models...they really make the clothing look so adorable!
There are so many, (and I just can't pick favorites) but here are a few:

A HUGE thank-you to Nicole for her incredible vision, talent, and hard work! Thanks also to these sweet little models-you make the clothing absolutely irresistible!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quote of the day

“…our true desire is never for the thing, it’s the feeling that we get from it that holds the value. It’s not food, money, houses, and cars that we need to appreciate. The objects themselves are finite. And we will lose them with appreciation or no appreciation. It’s things like health, wealth, security, love, and freedom that lead to happiness. They are infinite and they are valuable. These are the things worthy of appreciation and if we don’t appreciate them we will indeed lose them. However if we hold them dear and keep them as the focus of our existence the epicenter of our desire we can have them forever.”
Ashton Kucher

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