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Friday, February 5, 2010

THE place to shop!

  It has been just over 3 weeks since the catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti. Although donations have poured in, how much will it really take to rebuild an entire city? To care for the wounded, traumatized survivors? The sad truth is that no matter how shocking reports of hunger, homelessness, and disease in the wake of a disaster are, people lose interest once the camera crews leave the scene of a crisis.

  It is important to remember that these people will need help long after the media moves on. One of the ways that I have chosen to help is by supporting an Etsy shop called Hearts For Haiti.  They have vowed to stay open as long as there is an urgent need there. I have watched this group of women tirelessly volunteer to organize, manage, and promote, and am deeply touched by what can be accomplished in such a short time. The best part is 100% of the proceeds go directly to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti Relief.

  I wanted to help in some way too, but like many people, was short on time. With a busy household of five children and a full time business, I chose to contribute in a small way by donating a few items, making purchases, and prompting people to spread the word through social networking. The beautiful thing about this shop, is that there are many ways to support this cause through it, that do not ihave to involve large amounts of money or time.

  Why not do all of your gift shopping for the year through Hearts for Haiti? I know I will be. It gives me a good feeling to know I am not spending frivolously, when others are merely just trying to survive.

Here are a few of my fabulous purchases so far:
This copper bracelet(which I've shown previously, but oh, so LOVE)  symbolically represents the heart, generosity and love of the people involved in this collaborated effort. Obviously, I am not alone in admiring this, as the seller, Jen of mintyfreshfusions.etsy.com has generously donated and sold so many!

A birthday gift from the kids to their Dad, appropriately titled "Old Hank" (his name is Henry/Hank)
from a very talented photographer, and fellow IndieJunction gal Kelly Warren, of happyshackdesigns.etsy.com
I can't believe I scored this...the colors are amazing!

Another piece of jewellry with the most gorgeous pendant~I may or may not be gifting this one!
It's beautifully handcrafted by charmedbyheather.etsy.com

Here's a great and very unique gift for the macho men in my life. Brass bullet pens...what a conversation piece! The bonus is that this seller, Kathy of awelldressedbullet.etsy.com is one of the people so dedicated to making this shop a success, through her many donations, support and with the creation of the Hearts for Haiti blog. If that's not enough, she is super sweet too. (a bit unexpected from someone selling "bullet paraphernalia" ;)

Everyone can get involved by spreading the word. Don't let this become "old news."
Go out and blog, tweet, facebook etc. and if you have time, post your efforts here:
or leave a comment on the Hearts for Haiti blog and let people know about it.
For Etsy sellers, create a treasury (look for several great ones already there), add a link to your shop announcement, or volunteer to help behind the scenes. I'm sure a few of the current volunteers could use a "coffee break!"

These are just a mere sample of the great offerings there. Hundreds of sellers have donated a huge variety of items in many price ranges. Oh, and did I mention that shipping is FREE?
Just a warning though, this shop is addictive, due to the warm, fuzzy feeling you will get from supporting this wonderful cause. Shop at your own risk! HeartsforHaiti.etsy.com

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