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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a hoarder of buttons, I be.


Fact: I can't really tell you when I first became fascinated with these fabulous little fasteners.(Alliteration intentional)
 The rainbow of colors they come in, their various shapes and sizes, and the range of materials used to create them. Abalone, wood, metal, bone, glass, rhinestone, fabric, lucite, pearl. Some extraordinarily regular. Some intricately ornate and fabulous.
But ALL so beautiful and sweet in their own little way.
Here are a few little darlings from my "vintage metal" collection. When creating a garment, the button selection process for that item is the most exciting, and painstaking part for me. It is the "finishing touch" if you will, and believe me it is no simple task. I agonize over finding that perfect button. I agonize over whether or not I can part with said button. And finally I agonize and mourn the loss of the button from my collection. But alas! Once it is chosen and attached, I rejoice in the button's new life and purpose.
I know it's dramatic, but I wanted to illustrate the passion.
Which one will end up on your little girl's custom creation?

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