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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The season for GIVING

I recently learned of a family, a single Mother and her two children, who are in desperate need in our area. They have lost everything in an accidental house fire.
This mother is not asking for any help, although currently residing in a shelter where they will probably be throughout the Holidays, and well into the New Year. The church where my children attend preschool has decided to step up and make a difference.
Many have donated clothing and furniture, and I know every little bit counts towards getting them on their feet again. Give them a door to hang a wreath on!
Three Little Bird's Boutique would like to contribute all proceeds (100% of sales) for December directly to help them. Dress your children, but more importantly, feel great about helping a family in need!
Thanks so much for your support and have a wonderful Holiday season!

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sistyugler said...

How incredibly generous of you to help this poor family in such a huge way! I will definitely be sending you a donation to add to your contributions.

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